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The name "dog" was originated by the Gray Wolf Species. Domestic dogs are one of the most widely kept companian animals in history. Dog can also be known as an offensive term as well.

The dog was quickly known all over the world and in different cultures. Some say that they were valuable in finding early settlements. Dogs hunt, and protect their owners. They also assist the blind and the handicapped. There are about 400 million dogs in the world!

Present Day Dogs

Then there were different types of dogs and different breeds. The color in dogs varies from white, black, brown, gray, and red. Their fur can be short of long, curly or smooth! Most dogs end up shedding their fur but there are some breeds of dogs that do not.

A dog is a "man's best friend." They are trained to hunt, guard, help fisherman with pulling loads and with the net, and also being a sucessful companion to their owners.

Sports and Shows

Many dogs participate in competitions such as racing or sledding. Some of the categories they are put into is breed, apperance, movement, ability, and health.

Dog Meat

Some peopple in other countries eat dog meat such as China, Korea, and Vietnam!!


Dogs in general are great pets to have. They are very helpful and most of the time are very playful and fun to be around. They take time to tame them and train them but when that is over dogs are the best. They are a great companion when you are lonely and just a great animal all together. Many people are allergic to dogs though so cats are another great option!